Crib with Perfection – DaVinci Emily

davinci-cribI am small city dweller where I stay at a tiny flat with my lovely wife. Recently I got the news of welcoming new member to our family; more exciting is that I am going to be the father of two babies. I was so much happy, but all in a sudden I thought for their accommodation and adjusting their territory within my small apartment, then my face turned to pale and I started thinking deeply in this matter to accommodate them in my home. A lot of rearrangement made me thinking deeply about this topic. Then I went shopping to find a way out from this critical situation, I found many large cribs but those are so much difficult to place in my apartment due to the shortage of space as this large sized crib I found there will make my bed out of the room eventually., that’s why I kept searching for another suitable option for my newborn twins.

I was in a fix due to the lacking of appropriate space inside my apartment which was my main concern to take any decision; I then started searching through online websites and found out different interesting information related to the baby products. I then figured out the way and found a product that can meet my space shortage and also can accommodate my twins in limited, but satisfactory outcomes DaVinci Emily Mini Crab.

The DaVinci Crib review at the is a super space saver, which is hassle free and simple.


The DaVinci Emily Mini Crib is adjusted with the dimension of 39.5 x 28 x 37.87 inches, with the weight of 34.5 lbs. The product is made from highly valuable and durable pine wood. Conversion of this single bed into twin’s bed takes place by using the additional kits jointed together.

A limited warranty of 1 year seems fascinating to the parents; in addition to that cherry, honey oak, natural white, espresso, and ebony are the color options available to fit in.

Amazing Features

I am totally convinced with its sturdy and solid performance to my expectation.

I became forced to select this product among all others, because while making my decision I found my space problem the most serious one, which was solved by this baby crib as this crib can easily be turned to twin bed.

Sometimes, parents are more or less concerned to the fact that their baby will be growing soon; so, their crib should turn to toddler, but this is so much difficult to switch one to another for a baby product. From this sense, DaVinci Emily Mini Crib is the best choice for all the parents, I personally recommend everyone Emily Mini Crib.

International safety is assured by the Davinci Emily Mini Crib through proper adjustment of each part for the baby. Few guidelines and standard notifications are mentioned to impose its importance over buyer’s mind.

Mattress of four different heights is found due to perfect adjustment with the ever increasing age and height of newborns. The DaVinci Emily Mini Crib is designed ecofriendly condition, which absolutely nontoxic.

I am so much happy to have DaVinci Emily Mini Crib.

Panasonic Massage Chair for a bad back

Massage is not a luxury anymore, it is a need now. But in this busy world it is hard to make time for a relaxing massage. So, we opt for an easy and time saving way to get relaxed. A great massage chair is just the thing in this regard. It saves both time and money.

Panasonic urban massage chair with Chiro mode is a model from Panasonic’s Urban Collection series. Panasonic is in the market for a long time and this is their best massage chair. So, it is easily one of the best massage chairs in the market. It is designed specially to improve health and blood circulation with giving a therapeutic muscle relaxation. It has so many great features like Advanced quad-style massage technology, 4 pre-set programs and 8 manual modes, Air ottoman system, Leg stretch, Deep neck and shoulder massage, Acupoints massage, Chiro mode, Auto recline function(up to 170 degree), Easy operation, User requirements, Luxurious design. You can possibly combine 44 massage styles. Beside,this chair comes with a 3-year parts warranty along with 1-year labour warranty which is very much necessary.

Panasonic utilized the latest Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology. Because of this technology Panasonic urban massage chair has 4 pre-programmed massage styleswhich include Advanced Swedish Massage, deep-tissue Shiatsu Massage, and the Chiro Mode. The Chiro Mode is a new massage technique which is available only from Panasonic. This massage provides better muscle relaxation with eliminating fatigued muscles and improving body posture.

There is another mode which is the Quick Mode included in easy operation. This mode includes a 5-minute program providing all the 8 manual modes, which are Kneading, Hawaiian, Compression, Tapping, Soft Shiatsu, Swedish, and Full or Regional Roll.

Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair with Chiro Mode also includes the Air Ottoman System. This mode is composed by 14 airbags. These air bags are tactically placed to massage on your whole body including your calves and feet. This chair will be giving you a complete and relaxing lower body massage. Panasonic urban massage chair is designed to removing stiffness from your lower back, hips, and thighs. It will also stretch leg which you need after a long tiring day. This chair also provides your neck and shoulder a deep massage.

This massage chair looks luxurious and has an ultra-modern design with a leather seat. This luxurious design will never let the chair look out of place in your room or office. This chair from Panasonic ensures comfort, reliability, performance and quality.